Where the ideas come from? Such Spinoza’s Speach

All right, I’ll try this…but just like a student.

Yesterday, I have a class about Spinozas philosophy. It was ministrated by a greatest teacher in this topic in Brasil, Prof. Marilena Chaui, consider for most, the best in this theme, here.

So, we’re learning about the propositions 9 and 10 from Spinoza’s book called Ethics.

Proposition 9: The more reality or being each thing has, the more attributes belong to it.

Proposition 10: Each attribute of a substance must be conceived through itself.

So, what I learn about ideas is that they come from another ideas, not from things. For Spinoza, an idea is something, a module, a significative and finite module. Ideas don’t have substancies, so ideas don’t make bodies or things.

Substancies are something that have an essence, but the essence of ideas are in god. God like an significative finite module to. Not as our transcendential thinks about God as universal and abolute but a finite god.

So, as the idea comes from idea and the original idea comes from god, I was thinking: ‘Am I having a religion class?’ But, yes, Spinoza talks about religion, and it reminded me about the Freud’s proposition that means if there was no god, we would certainly create one. That’s like a significative finite module god, maybe.

However, despite the constitution of the idea’s identity be diferent from the substancies, the organization of the ideas is similar then the organizations of the substancies, not like linear models but like a network.

Because the original idea came from god, and because the organization is like a cloud, all ideas have the potential to influence each other. That’s the potency’s concept in Spinoza. The potency of the ideas.

The ideas like a cloud moving each other without an exactly order is like we stay in the world, without knowing how could be our next reference, friend or invitation.

That’s the beginning of mind.

One response to “Where the ideas come from? Such Spinoza’s Speach

  1. I was talking about Spinoza with a good friend <3, and he told me that the idea of potence in Spinoza came from the capable of multipliciy. Be multiple is the imance of men and ideas, the way that networks are, despite our see and compreension about our lives.

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