Brasilian Researchers and The "New" Academic’s Ethic

“There’s a wave that’s coming in,
Washing over this town,
it will make or break us, reinvent us,
It’s time to lay me down.”
(d 🙂

Something strong is happening in the brasilian universities.

I had recognize this moviment like an old idea, beginning in the 60’s, but it’s expression nowadays is powered by tecnology.

Brasilian public universities have an hierarchical structure, where power relationships behind burocatic sistem started with states demands which are transfered through departaments that coordinate reserches and where the sources will be apllicated.

Despite all burocracy and desires fight, we, the students, decided to collaborate, and make ourselfs a little independend sharing lab’s passwords, library documents, books, and all that could help anyone in campus.

So, we do that work, like an academic thing. But the “new” ethic became to university since the first hacker’s generations, and it persists today. Thank you!

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