Gottam ‘Merge’ Cities

” Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way…”
RHCP under the bridge

Only in the last ten years, some sociologysts started to accept that society networks are definly influence the markets.

In the opposit of all neoclassichal theory founded buy Marshall that demand and offers are stablished by an equilibrium that put the price in. Granovetter ( 2002) in a work about the labor market offers and a demand from the employers, analyses that to get a job is most important to have a social relashionship then to proceed on a good interveiw.

Instead of analyzing the technologies influence, how about think of people desires, works and some kind of a social organization that never had existed. A chaos architecture, that reveals the realism of our day-a-days happenings, where the discussion of differences between real and virtual doesn’t belongs or make any sense…

A ‘merge’ world where we fight according goals but, in the middle of the battle it’s possible to find some important imeasurable things…

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