Change My World – World of Art as an Actor-Network

‘The world of art is then neither a field nor a system but an actor-network, and the comentary its mediator'(Albertsen & Diken:2004).

That’s the possibilities of an emergent power that come’s through the world through artwork.

This idea is reinforced for the collective beliefs. They give some kind of magician power for the artwork, ‘a social universe of beliefs included everyone engaged in art: artists, art historians. politicians, gallery-owners, theachers, parents, etc.'(Bourdieu, 1980:221).

The crativity flows up because of a learning region made by the collective tacit kownledge when we stay together in some pourposes. It’s our day-a-day life, our work, our conversations.

‘It’s no dististincion between the analysis of works of art as works of art and as work in social networks.’ As Luhmann (1995) ‘The perception of an artwork, too, is based on an observation of connections of form. (…) The work only emerges as an artwork through a ‘recursive networking with other works of art and with(…)verbal communication about art’

“It is always the same! I am always surprise that people decline to recognize this truth: Everything is social! (Bordieu, 1992:110)

ALBERTSEN, Niels; DIKEN; Bülent.(2004)Artwork’s Network: field, system or mediators? IN: Theory, Culture & Society. London: SAGE. Vol. 21 (3): 35-58.


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